Shapes of Brides: Blogged 07-2017

Understanding that all brides comes in different shapes will set you apart from others. There are 4 different noted shapes: Inverted Triangle, Oval, Rectangular, Triangular. Let us give you some basic to see where you fall on the chart.

Inverted brides have wider shoulder than the hips and sometimes the bust is also large. Our Oval brides are rounded in the tummy area. While the Rectangular brides torso is small and waist not so defined. Triangular shape brides body has narrow shoulders and hips that are wider.

Tip: Suggesting a dress with detail that draws attention upwards is great for triangular shapes. Low V necklines are slimming for oval body type.

Heads Up: 40's, 50's and 60's styles are ideal for our inverted shapes.


Wedding Dresses: Blogged 05-2017

Guidelines: If the bride has broad shoulders you should avoid strapless dresses ( because they further accentuate the shoulders which can make the bride look masculine.) If your problem is with the hips don't choose a dress that put much volume in this area, simply choose a dress that falls limply.

Tip: Tulle & Bulky fabrics accentuate the hips > instead use lace, tulle, silk, organza, wild silk and satin < 

Heads Up: Night wedding dresses are more stiff and formal. While Day wedding dresses are more soft and flowing.