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Your a groom with sagging shoulders, love handles on torso? Avoid details that create volume in the central area of the body with bright colors, prints, closed jackets, and waistcoats. Instead ensure the jacket and shirt have straight lines on shoulders or details such as studs add volume. 

It's Make Over not Fake Over. Please don't venture off on dramatic hair color change. Plus the camera make you tend to look paler so sick with natural make up using skin tone foundations.

It's not necessary to give speeches or words of appreciation (although it's usually welcome by guest) more than 2 minutes. We'll make sure it's kept short & sweet.

If you are a bride with broad shoulders you might want to avoid strapless dresses.

Perhaps you are that bride with wider shoulders than hips and sometimes the burst is also large? Aim to try and minimize the upper torso to create more curves, and volume around the hips to bring proportion. We can accompany you on the famous "Dress Shopping".

Combination of white feathers and beads with flowers is great for a satin dress.

What about a purse or handbag bouquet would be ideal for long weddings, also great for larger build brides.